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Green Earth 3-Piece Aluminum Ceramic Nonstick Frying Pan Set in Green

Green Earth 3-Piece Aluminum Ceramic Nonstick Frying Pan Set in Green

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Utilizing GREBLON an ultra-safe ceramic coating from Germany, the Green Earth Pan Set by Ozeri achieves non-stick perfection while remaining absolutely free of PTFE, PFOA, APEO, NMP and NEP. The set includes an 8, 10 and 12 in. pan, each featuring a honeycomb textured cooking surface that prevents food bonding and distributes heat to enhance cooking performance. Conventional pans achieve their non-stick performance through a synthetic coating of PTFE (PolyTetraFluoroEthylene). At high charring temperatures, PTFE can release fumes which are documented to be lethal to small pets, and can be harmful to humans. Traditional pans are also often made with the aid of PFOA (PerFluoroOctanoic Acid), a potential carcinogen, and APEOs (Alkylphenol ethoxylates), which are under restricted use in Germany due to environmental concerns. With the Green Earth Pans, no such harmful toxic substances are released. Each Green Earth Pan utilizes an inert ceramic coating that is applied using a water based Sol Gel Technique which is free of the lesser known but potentially harmful chemicals NMP (N-Methyl-2-pyrrolidone) and NEP (N-ethyl-2-pyrrolidone). The Green Earth Pans possess superior non-stick properties that allow you to saute with half the oil normally used, and cleaning is a breeze. Each pan is made of die-cast aluminum with a magnetized bottom for induction stoves, and a heat-resistant silicone-coated handle. GREBLON made by Weilburger GmbH, Germany. Final assembly in China.

Unlike other ceramic cookware brands, each Ozeri pan utilizes GREBLON ceramic - an ultra-safe ceramic coating from Germany which is 100% PTFE, PFOA, APEO, NMP and NEP Free (absolutely no controversial chemicals)
Innovative honeycomb textured cooking surface delivers enhanced heat distribution and unprecedented non-stick performance without releasing harmful fumes or toxins at high temperatures
Scratch-resistant 100 percent ceramic coating that is super Easy-to-clean
Made out of durable heavy-gauge pure aluminum with no heavy metals or harmful chemicals
Each pan boats a comfortable heat resistant silicon coated handle, and a magnetized induction stove safe base for rapid heat transfer

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