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1/4 in. x 1-3/4 in. Hex Head Steel Self-Tapping Timber Screws - (1,000-Pail)

1/4 in. x 1-3/4 in. Hex Head Steel Self-Tapping Timber Screws - (1,000-Pail)

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OZCO's Ornamental Wood Ties (OWT) Timber Screws are designed to help you finish products faster and easier with a professional look and ultimate strength. The revolutionary heavy duty fasteners come in a wide variety of sizes, from 1-3/4 in. all the way to a full 12 in., perfect for any wood-to-wood project and designed to eliminate pre-drilling which saves time. The coating ensures that you can feel confident replacing existing galvanized screws and penetrate the wood with ease and without splits. OWT Timber Screws feature a 3/8 in. hex head washer design that is consistent across the OZCO line of fasteners and are approved for ACQ Treated Lumber projects.

OWT timber screws bulk packaging allows you to complete your larger projects with the ease of 1 handy plastic re-sealable pail
Available in 1-3/4 in., 2-3/4 in., 3-3/4 in., 5-3/4 in., 7-1/2 in., 10 in. and 12 in. sizes
Screw threads have a wide, aggressive grip
Screws have a 3/8 in. hex head with built-in washer, won't split wood, rust and streak free
OWT timber screws look great when used with the hex cap nuts and hammered dome caps for a more decorative look

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