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Large Square Fillable Weighted Offset Market Patio Umbrella Base in Black (4-Piece)

Large Square Fillable Weighted Offset Market Patio Umbrella Base in Black (4-Piece)

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If you have a large umbrella for your deck, patio, or outdoor seating area at your home or restaurant, you need a strong, sturdy base to keep in anchored. This 4-piece base from Outsunny is just what you've been looking for, Made from durable and weather resistant HDPE material, this umbrella base comes in 4-pieces, which sit over your umbrella cross base to keep it secure and stable on the ground. Featuring easy to fill spouts located on the top of each base that can be filled with sand, water, or a mixture of both to achieve the weight you need to anchor your umbrella. The combined weight of these pieces is around 200 lbs. depending on fill material, making it heavy enough to hold down even the largest of market or offset umbrellas. Keep your outdoor space protected from the sun with this durable umbrella base.

Heavy-duty base: the package includes 4 separate base pieces that fit together over the crossbars of your umbrella stand to keep it stable and secure
Sturdy material: made of strong and durable HDPE plastic with a weather resistant and UV protective coating, this base is perfect for outdoor use
Large capacity: each fillable base piece can hold approximately 44 lbs. of water or 66 lbs. of sand, for best results, we recommend filling with dry sand and then adding water to increase the weight
Easy to use: each base piece features an easy to use spout with twist- off cap for filling and draining, located on top for easy access and maintenance
Base is suitable for offset and cantilever umbrellas as well as market umbrellas with cross base and can be used in residential or commercial settings

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