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Oak Mocha 94 in. Vinyl Backsplash Accessory J Trim 5 Pack

Oak Mocha 94 in. Vinyl Backsplash Accessory J Trim 5 Pack

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Give your project that professional look with Palisade 94 in. J-Trim. The Palisade 94 in. J-Trim is available in the same finishes as the Palisade Wall Tiles and is designed to be installed on the isolated terminal end of a Palisade Tile. Simply apply adhesive to affix. Each Palisade J-Trim is 94 in. es long and 5 mm wide and adds a professional touch to your project.

Palisade j-trim is designed to be installed on isolated terminal end of a palisade tile
Vinyl trims are available in matching palisade tile finishes giving your palisade project a consistent yet professional look
Trim measures 94 ines long and is compatible with palisade tiles and palisade planks
Trims are sold in a 5-pack and measure 94in x 09375in x 03125in
J-trims are installed using a small bead of adhesive
Made of vinyl, palisade trims are waterproof and can be used inside a shower, bathtub or any other area where water is present
To prevent water from reaching substrate, finish with sealant
Can be used in various applications including in a kitchen, bathroom, laundry room or accent wall
Trims can be cut to required length with a tin snips
Palisade trims measure 94in. X 0.9375in. X 0.625in
Clean with a damp cloth
Residential and commercial use
May be slight color variations due to nature of finish

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