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Snapper Shear Siding Pro

Snapper Shear Siding Pro

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Introducing the NEW SNAPPER SHEAR SIDING PRO!? It attaches to any drill motor! You can now cut fiber cement siding Cleaner, Quieter and Safer. Cuts 5 in. x 16 in. fiber cement siding with minimal airborne silica dust. The Siding Pro easily adjusts for right and left-handed users! This compact drill head attachment design makes it conveniently portable. The Snapper Shear Siding Pro is the latest addition to PacTool's innovative fiber cement cutting tool line. All of them dramatically reduce airborne silica dust making them one of the best ways to cut fiber cement board.

Designed to cut fiber cement siding up to 5 in. x 16 in. thick
Keep the job OSHA Compliant, this unique shear design cuts fiber cement quickly while producing less dust making for easy clean-up
Bring your own drill, the snapper shear siding pro attaches to any drill motor (recommended 18-Volt or higher for best performance)
Cut with painted side face down for perfect, finished edges
Adjusts for right or left-handed users

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